shy the quiet one?

"Shy sits on the floor in the corner. As she looks up you see deep brown eyes that see the world, and your soul. Trust her, love her"

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Gender: Female
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About shy

HI there, I'm me.

What else is there to say? I can be quiet and shy, but I'm nearly always up for a laugh.

At the time when I'm writing this I'm a student. But in 4 and a half weeks I graduate to the real world *tremble* I don't know where I'm going, or what I'll be doing. But I do know I'm young *ish* free and single, and the world is my playground.

The most important thing to me in my life is my friends. I would do anything for them. So do talk to me and find out about me and them. I started out on these talkers to keep in touch with them, so its all their fault *grin*

So don't be shy...thats my job. Live, love and be happy

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