Randomly Rillaith

"I've got long brown hair, greenyhazel eyes, and am about 5'2" (on a good day). I'm the Silvery Green and Gold Haremite (aside from being Chief Techie and Co-Admin), and have been accused variously of being "effervescent", "a complete tart", "cute" (shyeah, like, right.) ..."

General information
Email address: rillaith@tupia.net
ICQ UIN: 1431138
Homepage: http://sally.tupia.net/
Picture: http://www.harem.org/~rillaith/photos/rill.jpg
Birthdate: 15th of May Age: 44
Gender: Female
Character information
Last logged in at 15 October 2004 11:02:43 BST
Last logged out at 15 October 2004 11:07:52 BST
Total login time 13 hours, 41 minutes and 51 seconds
Created at Thursday, 25 June 1998 13:44:23 oclock BST
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