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Created at sometime in the distant past
Pete is a founder member of Republic.
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About Pete

o/~ I woke early one morning, o/~
o/~ The Earth lay cool and still. o/~
o/~ When suddenly a tiny bird o/~
o/~ perched upon my window sill. o/~
o/~ He sang a song so lovely o/~
o/~ so carefree and gay. o/~
o/~ That slowly all my troubles o/~
o/~ began to slip away. o/~
o/~ He sang of far off places, o/~
o/~ of laughter and of fun. o/~
o/~ It seemed his very trilling, o/~
o/~ brought up the morning sun. o/~
o/~ I stirred beneath the covers, o/~
o/~ crept slowly out of bed. o/~
o/~ Then gently shut the window o/~
o/~ and crushed it's fucking head. o/~
o/~ I'm not a morning person! o/~

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