DadToBe Ginger by name, Ginger by reputation.

General information
Email address:
ICQ UIN: 5760410
Birthdate: 16th of March Age: 46
Gender: Male
Character information
Last logged in at 12 September 2003 10:31:44 BST
Last logged out at 12 September 2003 10:47:17 BST
Total login time 154 days, 16 hours, 6 minutes and 1 second
Created at sometime in the distant past
Original name Original name was 'odie'.
Ginger is a founder member of Republic.
Invitees Ginger has 7 invitees.

About Ginger

perl -e '$j=3;while($j){$d=int(rand(2*$j))-$j;if ($d>=0){$d++;}print(("$j green jellyfish, " x 3)."sitting on a rock, and ".abs($d)." jump".(abs($d)==1?"s":"")." o".($d>0?"n":"ff")."...\n".(($j+=$d)? "":"They\047ve gone!\n"));}'

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