Inter Nic ???????????


General information
ICQ UIN: 5137221
Birthdate: 31st of August Age: 41
Gender: Male
Character information
Last logged in at 22 October 2004 14:59:00 BST
Last logged out at 22 October 2004 16:16:03 BST
Total login time 24 days, 8 hours, 48 minutes and 52 seconds
Created at Friday, 7 November 1997 10:01:01 oclock GMT
Original name Original name was 'mort'.
Nic is a founder member of Republic.
Invitees Nic has 11 invitees.

About Nic

Me. well mad comes to mind. Banana also but thats because I am hungry.
I am 20, Male 6'1" tall. I am a student at Staffordshite University here
in the UK. I am studying computer science

Purity Score = 48.0%
Orange Constant of the world = 3.141592654
Meaning of Life = 42

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