Script Kitty's karma runs over your dogma.

"I accidentally deleted this. Fuck."

General information
ICQ UIN: 586727
Birthdate: 7th of March Age: 41
Gender: Male
Character information
Last logged in at 09 March 2005 11:24:46 GMT
Last logged out at 09 March 2005 12:37:33 GMT
Total login time 22 days, 21 hours, 32 minutes and 53 seconds
Created at 20 September 1999 15:14:10 GMT+00:00
Original name Original name was 'makali'.
Invited by Kitty was invited here by Draco.
Invitees Kitty has 1 invitee.

About Kitty

I am Matt Robinson. I work for Tui Interactive Media (a company with a pleasantly low Barley Quotient) which shares a street with brothels, pubs, fancy hairdressers, two musicals, and at least one other media agency. The fun is telling them apart.

I play pool, I drink beer, I cook, read books and sleep. At work I code ASP and PHP web apps, design user interfaces and get aggravated by CSS. Amusingly, I've been mentioned on NTK, the Web Standards Project, and Digital Web Magazine. It wasn't my fault.

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