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"Grog is always smiley :)"

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Birthdate: 24th of January Age: 41
Gender: Male
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About Grog

Well either you've typed bio Grog or else you've made a horrific mistake Either way you may as well stick around and learn something about me.

My real name is Matthew Macdonald, but everyone calls me Matt, except for my Mum and Dad

I have the *honour* of being Imax's twin brother which makes me 19 years old. I am currently at Edge Hill University College in Ormskirk (near Liverpool) studying Sports Studies and Maths.

As a student hobbies include Drinking and Clubbing much to the annoyance of my bank balance

If, for some strange reason, you want to know more about me then just ask. I probably won't answer but that's not the point.

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