Gizzmo the recently engaged one! :)

"Gizzmo is the sweet cuddly thing that'll eat ya out of house and home :)"

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About Gizzmo

Well Hewwo there!! I suppose that now u wanna know about me??!

The first thing i suppose is that well Gizzmo ain't my usual name on talkers.. infact it's my first name change on any talker.....

Yep, i'm normally called something else, so see if u can figure it all out ;)

My name is David and i am at Lancaster Uni in the UK....

Here we also have Rdf, and Voyager who i know *grin* and err it was me that got them on to talkers in the first place!! So blame me for making them spods!! ;)

Oh and it has taken them about 50 attempts to finally get me here!! (bless em both!!)

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