CrystalFire really isn't sure

"Well, I'm *not* sure... are you??"

General information
Birthdate: 30th of April
Gender: Female
Character information
Last logged in at 15 December 2000 19:13:43 GMT
Last logged out at 15 December 2000 19:17:40 GMT
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Created at 10 August 2000 00:51:00 BST
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About CrystalFire

What can I say that could possibly be interesting?
I like hugglesz - am addicted in fact - marshmallows
choccy mousse and my friends who include,
Marnanel, Slippy and Albanach.
My imagination is chronic... it fair runs away from
me all the time! Even at school the teachers felt
that I preferred to look out of the window and daydream.
Well, they were right.. I was bored out of my tree with
what they were teaching. So what else was a person with
too much imagination supposed to do?
I work in the security industry but am not exactly secure
in myself and am still looking for the key to the padlock.

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