sleepy Chess got *all* As.

"The crazy dragon-girl... you do not want to get in the way of her talons."

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Birthdate: 7th of June Age: 35
Gender: Female
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About Chess

Name: Chess

Position: Whiterider ridradegorn

Sex: Female

Birthdate and Age: 7th June 1985, probably 17-18 (15 directly, 2-3 years out)

Birthplace: Mundane Earth, England, Essex.

Physical Description: Uh… just over 5ft, 9 stone (no, don't ask me to convert it), 'well-built', very, very long (she can _sit_ on it) straight brown hair, predominately blue eyes with a kind of brownish ring, fairly light complexion, studiously avoided marks or scars… oh, one on her knee from the time she attempted to ride a bicycle and had an unfortunate encounter with some gravel, terminally clumsy, right-handed. Well, M'chel likes to wear leggings, t-shirts and rugby shirts, and Chess likes to wear dresses, preferably blue flowery dresses, particularly a particular blue dress with white flowers. M'chel wears a moderate amount of silver and blue jewellery every now and then, and Chess very rarely wears any jewellery. Weaponry depends on the situation; generally light and effective is preferred over showy and impressive.

Background: Chess is possibly about the worse qualified person to be a dragonrider, possessing absolutely no natural empathy and actively repelling animals of all kinds. She was also a precocious brat who could read at something horrible like two, could read well enough to understand most of the long words in the Bible by four, and became a committed Christian at five. Unfortunately her utter lack of anything that could be termed dexterity meant that writing came rather later, and legible handwriting is still overdue. Has wandered in and out of various fantasy worlds at various ages.

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