ginguar reigns over bopping again

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Birthdate: 14th of May Age: 45
Gender: Female
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Last logged in at Tuesday, 4 February 2014 11:57:35 GMT
Last logged out at Tuesday, 4 February 2014 17:40:14 GMT
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Created at Thursday, 4 September 1997 16:24:52 oclock BST
Original name Original name was 'cassandra'.
ginguar is a founder member of Republic.
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About ginguar

I'm Cassandra also refered to as Cass (and probably a lot of other not so nice things :)

I'm found very often on here but if i don't answer right away thats probably because i'm working and spodding in the background

Please don't let that put you off speaking to me as i do like to chat.

Anyway if you want to know any more just ask me :)

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