Ashleigh just doesn't seem to have much time these days

"I'm a stunning beauty with the IQ to put Albert Einstein to shame and all the riches of the world in the palm of my hand..hey, why lie? ;) Now, just _ASK_ me about myself instead of being generic and looking at this profile. ;)"

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About Ashleigh

You're actually going to read this? Well, then, let me put some interesting

things in here.

I'm 25, live in the US (Michigan), single and LOVING every minute of it. :)

I work full time for an Internet Service Provider and go to school full time.

I am studying English Lit and Psychology.

I have a rabbit and a parakeet and they both have bad attitudes. I had a

python and an iguana but they partied too much and had to move out.

I love sports, esp. soccer, softball, volleyball and rugby. I love hiking,

camping, canoeing, etc..basically, if it gets me outdoors and in the fresh

air, I do it.

I don't divulge my purity score unless asked for it, I LOVE chocolate and I

was born in Germany.

Anything you think should be in here? Well, tell me. I probably won't put it

in but at least I'll know what you think.

Oh, yeah..I have two tattoos.

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