Help on 'Room Commands'

*     The following commands are available in any room:
      create      Creates a new room.
      delete      Deletes a room that you have created.
      end         Ends room mode (now that surprised you didn't it).
      key         Allow others to visit your room even when locked.
      keys        List who you have trusted with a key for your rooms.
      list        Lists rooms you own.
      notify      Toggles if you are told when others visit your room.
*     The following are only available in rooms that you own:

      addexit     Adds an exit from your room to any other room.
      bolt        Prevent *anyone* from entering your room.
      create      Create a room.
      delete      Delete a room.
      delexit     Remove an exit from the current room.
      edit        Edits the description of the current room.
      entermsg    Sets the message people will see when someone
                  leaves a room to go to the current one.
      id          Sets the room id of the current room.
      info        Gives you a bit of info about the current room.
      lock        Prevent anyone without a key from entering your room.
      name        Sets the name of the current room.
      open        Unlocks your door so anyone can wander in.
      sethome     Makes the current room your "home".

*     Typing 'help <room command>' will give you more information on the
      specific command.

See also: ROOM

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