Help on 'COMMAND: prompt'

USAGE: prompt [<format of prompt> | 'clear']

*     This command allows you to specify a default prompt.  It will be used
      except when you are in a command mode (eg. conference, mail or room

*     You can use the following special codes in the prompt to include extra
      information from the talker:
            $w - world name (eg. Republic)
            $p - player name (eg. <your name>)
            $t - Time (eg. 08:32:52)
            $u - Time without seconds (eg. 08:32)
            $r - Room id (not including owner) (eg. $$room$$)
            $$ - Escape for $ character.

*     Typing 'prompt clear' will wipe your prompt.

*     Example: 'prompt $w $u>' would set your prompt to "Republic 08:32> "

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