Help on 'Command: invite'

USAGE: invite <New Player Name>

*     Once you have reached two day's login time, you can invite a new person
      onto Republic.  You can invite another person for each further day.

*     Your 'invite' stays open while you are logged into Republic - when you
      log out the invite will be cancelled.

*     You are responsible for suggesting an appropriate name for the new
      player. Anyone "examin"ing them will see you invited them on.

*     A name has to be between three and fifteen characters long, only
      contain letters, and cannot share the first five letters with a current
      character on Republic. You will be told if any of these are not met.

*     It is your job to help your invitee to get used to the way Republic
      works, so try not to disapear off as soon as they have connected!

See also: invitees, revoke

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