Help on 'Republic Editor Commands'

Commands available are:
      .end        Saves any changes you've made and quits the editor.
      .quit       Quits the editor, without saving any changes.
      .+          Moves you to the next line of text.
      .-          Moves you to the previous line of text.
      .view       Shows you everything you've entered into the editor so far.
      .top        Moves you to the first line of whatever you're typing.
      .bot        Moves you to the last line of whatever you're typing.
      .del        Deletes the current line of text.
      .wipe       Deletes the entire buffer (ie everything you've typed).
      .copy       Copies the current buffer into your clipboard.
      .paste      Copies your clipboard contents into the editor.

*     You may use any normal Republic command while editing something by
      preceding your command with a slash '/' - If you are using a telnet
      client like tf you may need to use two slashes.


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