Help on 'Conference System Commands'

*     Available commands in the Conference system are:
      check        Report on how many unread posts there are.
      end          Ends conference mode.
      hide         Hide a post from accidental viewing.
      inform       Toggle if you are told when someone posts to a conference.
      join         Join a conference.
      list         Lists conferences, topics or lists.
      nextpost     Move forwards a post.
      post         Write a post to the current topic.
      prevpost     Move back a post.
      read         Read a given post in the current topic.
      scribble     Render a post unreadable.
      selecttopic  Select a topic within a specific conference.
      unhide       Reverse a 'hide' so people can easily see your post.
      unscribble   Reverse a 'scribble' so people can see you post again.
      view         Read a hidden post.
*     You can also use standard Republic commands in Conference mode.

*     For more help on individual commands, type "help conf <conf command>".


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