Help on 'COMMAND: conf scribble'

USAGE: conf scribble

*     Allows the creator of a post, or the host of the conference that a post
      is in, to scribble messily over the current post.

*     Scribbling a post makes it unreadable by everyone until it is
      unscribbled, however it does _not_ hide the fact that the post was
      made.  For example, if you say something nasty, you can hide what you
      said, but not the fact that you said it.

*     The magical eraser is packaged inside the "unscribble" command.  Only
      the person who scribbles a post can unscribble it... ie, if you
      scribble a post, only you can unscribble it, but if a conference host
      scribbles one of your posts, only they can unscribble it.


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