Help on 'Command: whois'

USAGE: whois [<name>]

*     In case you are not sure what name someone was originally, you may
      use this command to tell you what someones original name was given
      their current name, or their current name given their original name.

*     If a name is banned for some reason, you can use this command to find
      out why!

*     If you do not give a <name> at all, you will be told about the people
      who are currently on Republic who are not using their original names.

*     Example: If you had changed your name from <your name> to Fred :
        whois fred
           would report: 'fred' was originally known as '<your name>'.
        whois <your name>
           would report: '<your name>' is now known as 'Fred'.

See also: NAMES, WHOIS

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