Help on 'COMMAND: trans'

USAGE: trans [<userid>.]<roomid>

*     Allows you to jump to any room that you know the id of without going
      through all of the rooms inbetween.

*     You type: trans
      And you are magically transported to the forum of the Republic.

*     If you type "trans roomid" with no userid, Republic will assume you
      are trying to go to your own room of that name.  Ie, if you type
      "go sewage_disposal_room", Rep will assume that you're trying to go to
      _your_ sewage disposal room.  Why you'd want to is another question,

*     You can't trans to a room that is not open to you.

*     If you trans to a room of someone logged on, that person will be
      notified that you paid them a visit.

See also: GO, ROOM ID

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