Help on 'Mail Commands'

*     The following commands are available in mail mode:
      cd          Change mail folders.
      check       Check for unread mail.
      create      Create a mail folder.
      delete      Marks a note to be deleted.
      destroy     Delete a mail folder.
      dir         List available folders.
      end         End mail mode.
      expunge     Clean out notes marked for deletion.
      forward     Forward a mail that you have received to others.
      list        List the notes in the current folder.
      move        Move a note from the current folder to another folder.
      post        Send a note to someone.
      quota       Check how much of your quota you are currently filling.
      read        Read a note in the current folder.
      reply       Send a note back to the person who wrote you a note.
      replyall    As above, also sends to everyone who received the original.
      undelete    Removes a deletion mark on a note.

*     Typing "help <mail command>" will give you more information on the
      specific command.

See also: MAIL

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