Help on 'Conference Host Commands'

*     Commands available for a conference host are:
      addtopic        Add a topic to a conference.
      addhost         Grant someone else host priviledges to your conference.
      addposter       Add someone to the list of allowed posters.
      archive         Compress old conference posts to save resources.
      ban             Prevent a given person from posting to aconference.
      describe        Give a conference a short description.
      grab            Copy over a post from another topic or conference.
      freeze          Prevent anyone from posting to a topic.
      info            Find out information on a conference you host.
      remhost         Remove someone from the list of conference hosts.
      remposter       Remove someone from the list of allowed posters.
      restricttopics  Prevent or allow anyone from creating topics.
      unarchive       Reverse a topic archive to allow postings again.
      unban           Remove someone from the list of banned posters.
      unfreeze        Thaw out a previously frozen topic.

*     For more help on individual commands, type "help conf <conf command>".


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