Help on 'The Republic Conference System'

USAGE: Type "conf" to enter conf mode

*     The Republic Conference System is similar to the news systems on other
      talkers, but is slightly different in its setup.  Rather than simply
      having newsgroups into which someone can post an article, the
      conference system has three levels of organization.
*     The first level consists of what are called conferences.  A conference
      generally has a specific subject ("Republic" as an example) and one or
      two conference hosts.  A conference host is someone with certain
      controls over a conference that regular users don't to help look after
      the content and organization of the conference.

*     Inside a conference is a second level of organization called topics.
      Topics are (conveniently) sub-topics of the conference.  If the
      conference was called Republic, a Topic could be called Suggestions.

*     Finally, inside the Topics are the actual messages that users can
      leave, called "posts".  These messages are basically identical to
      newsgroup posts.  They contain the name of the poster (you), a subject,
      and the post itself.  As a general rule, try to make the content of
      your post fit the topic you're posting to.

*     If you have an idea of a conference that you think Republic should
      have, use the 'suggest' command to bring it to Jarel's attention.


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