John Patterson (Jarel)
Design and implementation

Gary Mellor (Odie), John Price (Stipe)

Mark Preston (Bruce)

Special thanks to:

Pling for not lynching me and help with all the ideas, Pete for the original site, Stipe and Odie for the help files, the various beta testers (the founder members), Bruce for the artwork bits and a little HTML debugging and Berry for the initial Java inspiration.

Thanks to:

My mother, my father, members of the jury, the American film industry, Tori Amos, Dream Theater, Sarah MacLachlan, Radiohead, Lionel Blair (for political advice), Tony Blair (for make-up hints), caffeine, sugar, chocolate, whiskey, hi Neil, Edison's electrical lighting system, hot and cold running water, the wheel, gravity, Max, the faeries and the wolf.

No thanks to:

Monday mornings, hangovers and peach schnapps straight from the bottle.

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